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Smokinstyle is a British company established in late 2000 that can justifiably claim to be the market leader for smoking videos. We feature stunning women smoking sensually in natural settings such as bars, cafes and restaurants, and unlike our competitors we do not pose our subjects and ask them to puff away as the results are invariably awkward and unnatural. For the past three years independent reviews published on the Internet have drawn attention to our ability to innovate whilst others just stand still, and the letters we receive daily from satisfied customers refer to our material as the most stylish available anywhere. Our enviable reputation has been founded on the basic principles of honesty and integrity, high levels of customer service, fast and reliable delivery and assistance for any problem no matter how small. Our promise is to make your experience of dealing with us pleasant and productive in the knowledge that if we achieve that aim you are likely to remain a loyal customer for many years to come.


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